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Internal Investigations

Conducting proper internal investigations can be a critical component of ensuring legal compliance, avoiding or limiting legal claims, and providing a safe and professional work environment.  They must be conducted in a manner that is effective, lawful, consistent with company policy, moral, ethical, courteous, professional, efficient and not unduly disruptive.

From allegations of individual employee misconduct at private companies to allegations of large-scale fraud at public companies, SVHF’s attorneys have used their in-depth knowledge of the relevant law and investigative methods and techniques to successfully conduct countless internal investigations.  While we frequently function as the sole investigators on matters, we also partner with client representatives (e.g., in-house counsel or representatives from human resources, compliance or corporate security departments) as part of an investigative team.  Additionally, we provide guidance to clients when conducting their own internal investigations, as well as provide our clients with internal investigation training.

Representative Internal Investigation Matters

  • Conducted a nation-wide investigation of allegations of wide-spread fraud and abuse perpetrated against a client’s benefit plan.
  • Conducted large-scale investigations of allegations of conflict of interest concerning employees having ownership interests in or receiving kickbacks from vendors.
  • Conducted a large-scale investigation of allegations of an on-going scheme of theft of company property.
  • Conducted an investigation into sufficiency of systems and processes for storage and gathering of electronically stored information for e-discovery purposes.
  • Conducted numerous investigations of allegations of employee compliance violations in the pharmaceutical industry regarding product marketing, handling of samples, etc.
  • Conducted numerous investigations of allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other employee misconduct.